The DD-PS-702 series piezoresistive transducers are state-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensors designed for a wide range of applications, but particularly those employing a microcontroller or microprocessor with A/D inputs. This transducer combines advanced micromachining techniques, thin film metallization, and bipolar processing to provide an accurate, high level analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure.


★ 2.5% Typical Error over +10°C to +60°C with Auto Zero

★ 6.25% Maximum Error over +10°C to +60°C without Auto Zero

★ Ideally Suited for Microprocessor or Microcontroller-Based Systems

★ Thermoplastic (PPS) Surface Mount Package

★ Temperature Compensated over +10° to +60°C

★ Patented Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge

★ Available in Differential and Gauge Configurations

★ Positive pressure Measurement

★ Negative Pressure Measurement

★ Measuring upto 7kpa


1. Heavy wind Measurement

2. Slow speed flying

3. Automatic landing