Active@ Disk Image

Active@ Disk Image creates an exact copy of entire computer or selected disks and restores them from backup in case of hardware failure or data corruption

Key Features:

★ New! Fully supported disks 4096 bytes sectors (ADI & RAW images)

★ Multi-language support (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish). Installation & Boot Disk Creator as well.

★ Active@ Virtual Disk (RAW & ADI images can be mounted and visible in Windows Explorer, read-only mode)

★ Generic uncompressed raw images support

★ Pre- and post-execution commands for scheduled tasks

★ Copy Disk to Disk feature (direct copying partitions with resizing)

★ Scheduled incremental backups support (Pro version)

★ Incremental backup of unknown file systems is supported

★ Create Backup Disk Image & Raw Disk Image

★ Back up to almost any media

★ Disk Image Explorer